What Is A Tree Survey?

Trees are a key part of any homeowner’s garden. They help to provide the landscape, improve mental and physical health and provide shelter from all weather. Here at Broadleaf Tree Surgery we work with all different types of trees and know what it’s like to want to keep your trees healthy. This is why tree surveys are carried out. So, first things first, what exactly is a tree survey? 

A tree survey is a crucial check that is performed on both public and private land. It can provide useful information about the condition of your tree, the life span it has left, the species, and the health condition of the tree. It can help you decide on whether a tree needs to be removed or retained. 

Read on to find everything you need to know about tree surveys with Broadleaf Tree Surgery. 

What Information Is On A Tree Survey?

A tree survey is carried out to evaluate the condition of your trees. It should always be carried out by a trained tree surgeon like us here at Broadleaf Tree Surgery. The information included on a tree survey is: 

  • The species of tree, listed by its common name. 
  • The approximate height of the tree. 
  • The stem diameter according to Annex C of BS 5837:2012.
  • The branch spread at four cardinal points. 
  • Existing height above ground level of the first significant branch and canopy. 
  • The life stage that the tree is currently in (e.g. young, semi-mature, early-mature, mature, etc). 
  • General observations of the structure of the tree. 
  • The removal/retention category U or A to C grading. 
  • An estimation of the remaining contribution to air quality in years. 
  • A list of preliminary measures for the management of the tree. 

When Is A Tree Survey Necessary?

A tree survey is necessary when you are submitting for any type of planning permission on your property where trees are within it. It’s important to have a tree survey carried out if you are having an extension put on an existing property or a new building built. A tree survey is required if the trees are within 12 meters of the building site. This is to determine if the trees require removal due to construction. You don’t need a tree survey carried out if you are only making changes to the existing property without building additional parts. 

Tree surveys can also determine what maintenance plans need to be in place if trees haven’t been removed after the building process. Contact us today at Broadleaf Tree Surgery to see how we can help you after your tree survey has been completed, and recommendations made. 

Why Do I Need A Tree Survey? 

A tree survey can give you accurate insights into the trees on your property. By determining what age your tree is, the health of your tree and its remaining life span, a tree survey can help determine what services your tree may need. 

Tree surveys can give you a clear picture of the life of your tree, what stage it’s in and how much growth it’s got left. It’s important to get your trees surveyed if you are having any work done to them or your property. If you need a specific service for your trees, why not get in touch with us today?

Benefits Of A Tree Survey

There are many benefits to having a tree survey carried out. They can help you determine what your trees need to maintain them and keep your garden a green haven. 

Tree Removal 

Tree surveys can help determine if you need your trees removed. Your trees may need to be removed if you are planning on building on your property. It might also be necessary to remove trees if they aren’t providing for your garden or are becoming a hazard. If you need your trees removed, why not check out our tree-felling service

Dead Branch Removal 

A tree survey can indicate if your tree has dead branches that need to be removed. This can notify you of any risk these branches are causing to both your property and garden. We offer a deadwood removal service that can help bring new life to your trees. 

Crown Lift 

Tree surveys can determine if your tree requires a crown lift. This can help reduce the risk of any branches falling and increase the amount of light that your tree is receiving. It will also open up your garden to a better view. We offer a crown lift service here at Broadleaf that can help your trees to flourish. 

Building Work 

A tree survey is beneficial to be carried out when any building work is carried out on your property. It can determine if the trees on your property are going to affect the building process and if you require any work done on the tree. You are also required by The British Standard to carry out a tree survey if you are proceeding with any building work. 

Monitor Your Trees Health With Broadleaf Tree Surgery 

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