Tree Crown Reduction

Create a balanced crown and reduce the risk of falling branches with our crown thinning service.

What is Crown Thinning?

Crown thinning leaves the overall size of the tree as it is, focusing more on selected branches within the crown. These branches are often those that are either dead, crossing another branch or growing into the canopy with no future. Crown thinning reduces the risk of failure in heavy winds and also creates an evenly balanced crown. 

If you’re after professional crown thinning in the Kent or Maidstone area, please get in touch with our team for a free site visit and no-obligation quote.

Tree Cutting Services

Improve Tree Health With a Crown Reduction

Tree crown thinning not only helps to improve the look of your tree but can also help in a number of other ways. Crown thinning and pruning your tree will allow sunlight to reach the middle of the canopy, which in turn helps to encourage new growth of leaves and branches. Removing dead branches can also reduce the risk of danger via falling branches in areas of high footfall, or if your tree overhangs a property. If you are looking to reduce the tree’s shape and overall volume, you may prefer our full crown reduction service.

Crown Thinning Professionals

Our team at Broadleaf Tree Surgery is highly qualified and has extensive experience in the field of tree care. We always aim to retain as much of the tree as possible whilst reaching your desired goals, to ensure we avoid long-term damage. By using professional equipment, we can ensure the safety of you and your property whilst we get the job done. Once the job is complete, we remove waste which is then chipped and recycled as fertiliser on a local farm. 

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Crown Thinning FAQs

Crown thinning is the removal of branches and leaves within the crown to promote growth, as well as improving the overall shape and look of a tree. Thinning is best carried out by arborists with special equipment and tree knowledge.
Tree care is essential to promote the growth of a healthy tree. However, tree crowning is done for a number of other reasons, including:

- Improving the overall shape of a tree canopy
- Reducing the tree’s height
- To allow sunlight to reach the interior of a tree
- Protects the tree from wind and reduces the risk of branches falling
The top of the tree, which is usually fuller with leaves and smaller branches is the crown. The crown of the tree starts from where the branches begin and doesn’t include the main trunk.
Here at Broadleaf Tree Surgery, we don’t give prices over the phone. This is due to the nature of our industry and the range of projects that we work on. To ensure you aren’t overpaying for our specialist services, we offer a free site visit and consultation before giving you a quote. Not only does that mean you get the best recommendations for crown thinning, but our other services can also be factored into your quote if needed.
You may need permission from the local authorities if your tree has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on it. However, as a professional company, and for your peace of mind, we perform local authority checks on each of our jobs before we begin. We don’t charge to do the planning applications or paperwork required and can offer advice on the best course of action for protected trees.

Our Arborist Insurance

Tree surgery is a dangerous industry. More often than not we work in confined spaces and with dangerous equipment. We understand the need for peace of mind and our insurances cover us up to 5 million pounds. Check out our insurance brokers here. We can work at any height and with all of the equipment we have. We have a 100% safety record, so you can have complete peace of mind when working with our team.


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