Non Invasive Tree Bracing in Kent

Improve the safety of your tree without causing damage with non invasive tree bracing.

Support For Tree Branches

If your tree is in a protected or urban area, or it poses as a local monument, you can prevent your tree and its branches from falling and collapsing with tree bracing. Bracing uses rods, bars, and strapping made from weather-resistant materials to reduce stress on certain load-bearing parts of a tree. This prevents breakage and further damage to a tree, and even stops it from collapsing in some cases. If you’re looking for careful and professional tree bracing services in Kent, Maidstone, or other surrounding areas, please contact our team. We are more than happy to offer advice and a free, no-obligation quote.

Provide Support For Tree Branches With Non Invasive Tree Bracing

Tree bracing can be used in a number of scenarios, for example, if a tree trunk is starting to split down the middle, or if a tree canopy is leaning in a certain direction. The technique is a great risk management tool, preventing the breaking of branches or trees falling, and helping protect the ground below. Non-invasive tree bracing will provide support for tree branches, which is particularly helpful if you want to avoid cutting the tree down or removing dangerous branches.

Please note that non invasive tree bracing may not always be the most effective solution for your tree. However, our team offers a range of other arborist services which could be of help, and we are more than happy to give tailored recommendations during a free site visit.

Tree Bracing Professionals In Kent

We pride ourselves on being the go-to professional provider for all things tree maintenance. Each of our staff members is certified and trained to a high standard. We utilise our knowledge and experience to offer you the best advice, to retain as much of the tree as possible whilst reaching your desired visual goals. Once we complete each job, no matter how big or small, we remove and recycle waste, as well as clean up after ourselves to keep your area looking neat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Non invasive tree bracing is a method of linking tree branches or parts of the tree trunk together with strong metal rods, fixtures, and ropes to help trees with weak structures. This could help to:

- Reduce the stress on certain areas of the tree, including the crown or branches
- Prevent the further splitting of tree trunks or forks
- Encourage the tree to fall a certain way, e.g. the opposite direction from a road
- Prevent whole tree failure by minimising damage
Yes! In many cases, tree cabling has been successfully implemented to keep a tree alive and healthy. We have years of experience in providing this service for many happy customers, and our dedicated team will only recommend non invasive tree bracing if they believe it will truly help. If you’d like to read about our tree surgery success stories, why not take a look at our case studies?

Tree trunk splits could also be caused by a number of natural factors. These could include high winds, an excessively heavy canopy (particularly on one side), decay, rot, excessive frost, or temperature fluctuations. When you get a site visit from our team, they can assess your tree and let you know the likely cause and best solution.
If your tree has started to split down the middle, tree bracing and cabling are a great option if you’d like your tree to naturally heal itself. The technique uses rods and cabling to hold the tree trunk together and redistribute the weight that may be causing the split.

Unfortunately, in cases where the split runs down to the ground, or if there are signs of severe decay, tree bracing may not be of help. In these cases, you may want to explore tree removal services, as this is likely to be the safest option for the surrounding areas.
Due to the nature of our industry, it would be unfair to our clients if we charged one standard price for our tree bracing services. To avoid you overpaying for our arborist services, we offer a free site visit and quotation service. When we come to take a look at your tree, we’ll note the severity of the damage, the size of your tree, the location, and other factors. This is what we decide our price on. Not only will you get a fair price from us, but we’ll also be able to tailor our service to your exact needs, even if that means combining more than one of our Services.

Our Arborist Insurance

Tree surgery is a dangerous industry and more often than not we work in confined spaces and with dangerous equipment. We understand the need for peace of mind, which is why we are protected through specialist insurance, covering up to 5 million pounds. We have a 100% safety record.


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