Tree Planting in Kent

Improve the look of your land whilst protecting the environment with professional tree planting services.

Tree Planting

We specialise in the sourcing and planting of trees for homes, commercial properties, and public spaces. Whether you’d like to create a mini-woodland, or simply have a few trees planted to elevate your garden, we offer a flexible service to bring your outdoor space to life. Tree planting is highly recommended to ensure your impact on the local environment is minimal if you decide to remove one or more of your existing trees. If our tree planting services are of interest, click the button below to request a no-obligation quote.

Why Should You Plant Trees on Your Property?

Did you know that tree planting could increase the value of your property? Mature and well-managed trees can add as much as £500 to £8,000 on top of your current property value, depending on the species of tree you decide on. By planting trees, not only will your property benefit, but you will help protect the wildlife and nature in your area, and improve the air quality.

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Professional Tree Planting Advice

Some trees aren’t suited to certain areas, and without proper advice, choosing to plant can do more harm than good to surrounding areas. Choosing the correct type of tree for the location is key to prevent having to remove it in future, saving you money in the long term. Our professional team will provide you with expert information and recommendations for a suitable tree for the area that you decide to plant on. Our tree planting service not only includes tree collection and planting, but we’ll also provide you with a personalised tree care plan to ensure your tree grows healthy and flourishes in all seasons.

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Tree Planting FAQs

Yes! Planting trees does help to fight climate change. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air, helping to produce better air quality and more oxygen. They also provide shelter to wildlife, offering wind shelter and preventing soil erosion. By planting even one tree, you’ll be helping to protect the environment and reduce the effects of climate change.

The cost of planting a tree will vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

- The tree species chosen
- The number of trees that need to be planted
- The property type and protection regulations
- The area of tree planting

If any work needs to be done to the area beforehand, including stump grinding, hedge trimming, or other commercial tree works.

With Broadleaf Tree Surgery, you can get a free site visit and no-obligation quote for tree planting. Simply get in touch with our team to get started, or fill in the contact form.
To ensure you aren’t putting your property at risk of damage from trees that you plant, you must choose a non-invasive tree species. Trees that are relatively safe to plant next to your house include:

- Birch trees
- Apple & pear trees
- Plum trees
- Ash trees
- Maple trees

Here at Broadleaf Tree Surgery, we can recommend the best type of trees to plant near a home, taking into account your garden size, preferred aesthetics, and maintenance levels. Get in touch with our friendly team for a site visit and a free consultation.
The best time to plant trees on your property for most species native to the UK is Autumn. However, successful planting can take place anytime between October and April, as long as the conditions are right. If you plant your trees when the ground is frozen, the growing roots may not receive enough moisture which can damage and prevent roots from flourishing. On the other hand, waterlogged soil or extremely hot temperatures can also damage your growing tree.
If you own the land where you’d like to grow your memorial tree, there won’t be many restrictions, providing it isn’t protected land. For those of you wanting to plant the tree on land that you don’t own, you will need permission from the landowner, which may be a council, business, or individual.

As a professional tree planting company, we perform local authority checks on each and every one of our jobs. We have been dealing with local councils for years and have plenty of experience on where conservation areas are and what is and isn’t allowed. We don’t charge to do the planning applications or paperwork required to ask for tree planting permission.

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