Crown Lift Tree Surgery

Improve the health and overall look of your tree with professional crown lift tree surgery from the team at Broadleaf Tree Surgery

What Is Crown Lifting?

Crown lifting is the process of pruning a tree to remove low hanging, overgrown branches. This is most often done on trees that overhang a public footpath, road, or property to increase safety and avoid falling branches. If your tree isn’t looking its best due to a limited light intake, crown lift tree surgery, or crown thinning may improve the health of your tree. For more information, or for a no-obligation quote, get in touch with our experts using the button below.

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Improve Property Safety With Crown Lift Tree Surgery

Not only does crown lifting help prevent shade covering your property, but the removal of lower hanging branches can help reduce the danger of the tree – which is highly recommended for those with children or pedestrians passing by. Tree crown lifting will also open up the view that the tree might be blocking, improving the aesthetic of your home.

Our crown lifting service involves the thorough assessment of the tree by our team, who’ll then safely remove the bottom branches, before shaping the tree to look a natural shape. We will only remove as much as is needed in order to achieve your desired goals, whilst maintaining the health of the tree and minimising environmental impact.

Crown Thinning

Our Expert Tree Surgery Team

If you’re looking for a quick, reliable, and professional service, why not choose Broadleaf Tree Surgery? Our dedicated team has over a decade of combined knowledge in tree care, with experience in both commercial and residential projects of all sizes. We use the best equipment available on the market, ensuring the safety of our team and your tree. We’ll leave the site exactly as we found it, offering a waste recycling service at no extra cost to you.

If you’d like to arrange a free site visit and quotation for crown lifting tree surgery, get in touch with our team using the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

To crown lift a tree means to remove its lower branches, which may be done for several reasons. These reasons include to provide clearance for pedestrians or property, when the lower branches are in danger of falling off, or to help natural light reach the centre of the tree.
Crown lifting is often referred to as crown raising, or the pruning of a tree. Some people get crown lifting confused with crown thinning, however these are two different things. Crown thinning aims to reduce the overall volume of a tree’s canopy.
Although crown lift tree surgery can be performed at almost any time of the year, we’d recommend pruning in winter or early spring when most trees lay dormant. This makes tree surgery a little easier as leaves don’t get in the way. Some trees may also weep and bleed more in the warmer months.
The British Standard for Tree Work is in place to help us take better care of trees, and to make us think of the environmental impact of the work before it takes place. The Standard reminds us that we should leave the tree looking as natural as possible for the least environmental impact. The team at Broadleaf Tree Surgery keep this in mind with every project undertaken.
We don’t offer quotations over the phone or email without seeing the project in person beforehand, this is because you may end up overpaying for our services without realising. Due to the nature of our work, each project is different. In order to provide accurate quotes, we offer free site visits and no-obligation quotations. Not only does that mean you get the best recommendations for crown lifting, but our other services can also be factored into your quote if needed.
You may need permission to crown lift your tree from the local authorities if your tree has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on it. However, as a professional company, and for your peace of mind, we perform local authority checks on each of our jobs before we begin. What’s more, we are more than happy to help you with any applications or paperwork at no extra cost to you. Our team can also offer their technical advice on the best course of action for protected trees.

Our Arborist Insurance

Tree surgery is a dangerous industry, working in confined spaces and with dangerous equipment that could cause harm if not used properly. We understand the need for peace of mind, which is why we are protected through specialist insurance, covering up to 5 million pounds.


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