Deadwood Removal

Trees naturally produce deadwood as branches die over time. Our expert arborist team provides deadwood removal services in the Kent and Maidstone area.

Deadwood removal project in progress

Deadwood Removal

Trees naturally produce deadwood as branches die over time. In an area of untravelled woodland, this provides excellent wildlife habitat, however, in the urban environment, this can cause major problems. Deadwood overhanging a road or area of heavy footfall could potentially cause a hazard. Our deadwooding service can be used on most types of trees and in various environments to reduce the risk of harm and property damage. Click the button below to book our services or request a quote.

The Benefits of Deadwooding Your Tree

Deadwood tree removal not only improves the safety of an area, but the service can also improve how a tree looks. Removing excess dead branches helps balance the look of the tree and allows sunlight to shine through which encourages new branches to grow and flourish. By removing your tree’s deadwood regularly, you’ll also prevent the growth of fungus and prevent stop pests from damaging your tree. Deadwooding your tree can also:

Remove the hazard of potential falling branches which could cause accidents or damage to property

Improve the look of an area or your garden

Help you meet local safety regulations if a tree is overhanging a busy area

Deadwood removal project in progress

Professional Deadwood Removal in Kent

We have over seven years of experience in tree care and deadwood removal, with experience treating trees in several different environments. Using professional-grade equipment, we can quickly and efficiently remove any deadwood found in your tree, and remove the waste in an environmentally-friendly manner. 

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    Deaadwood removal waste

    Deadwooding FAQs

    Deadwoods are significant dead limbs or branches found on trees. Deadwooding is the act of removing the dead wood to make the tree fuller, encourage growth, and reduce the risk of dead wood breaking off and falling to the ground.
    In most cases, no, deadwood doesn’t mean your tree is unwell. It is simply part of the life cycle for many trees, especially during the wintertime. However, if your tree is producing more deadwood than usual, it could indicate your tree is ill with something like trunk rot or root damage.
    We dispose of the deadwood in an environmentally friendly manner, to ensure that we don’t produce any excess waste. We use our wood chipper to mulch the deadwood and this is taken directly to our yard where it is processed into compost and reused on a local farm as fertiliser. If you’d like to keep the wood to use on a fireplace, we are more than happy to leave it with you. Simply let us know beforehand, and remember to dry the logs out before using.
    Due to the nature of our industry, it would be unfair of us to give you a price over the phone. More often than not we can give you a price onsite and then we will follow this up within 24 hours with a formal quotation.

    We are regulated by trading standards and follow their guidelines to champion the rights of our customers. We don’t charge for any quotations, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out how much deadwooding your tree would cost.
    Some trees are protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), which means you may need to notify the council before deadwooding a protected tree. However, this will depend on exactly what you are planning to do to the tree, and may not apply in other circumstances. As a professional company, we perform local authority checks on each of our jobs before starting, to ensure we are in keeping with the local laws. We have been dealing with local councils for years and have plenty of experience on where conservation areas are and what is and isn’t allowed. If you do need help filling in the paperwork, we are more than happy to help at no extra cost.

    Our Arborist Insurance

    Tree surgery is a dangerous industry. More often than not we work in confined spaces and with dangerous equipment. We understand the need for peace of mind and our insurances cover us up to 5 million pounds. Check out our insurance brokers here. We can work at any height and with all of the equipment we have. We have a 100% safety record.


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