Can Removing A Tree Cause Foundation Problems?

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Are you dealing with a bothersome tree on your property that’s ruining your home’s appearance? Frustrating, isn’t it? You might be tempted to remove it yourself, but you’re worried: could doing so cause foundation problems? Let’s get to the bottom of this common homeowner concern.

In short, yes removing a tree can cause foundation problems. However, this is only the case if it is not done with proper precautions. By using an experienced tree surgeon, there will be minimal to no impact to your foundation. 

Read on to find out how trees impact your foundation, signs of foundation problems, and how our team at Broadleaf Tree Surgery can effectively remove your tree for you.

Can Removing a Tree Damage Foundation?

Yes, removing a tree can potentially damage a foundation, but when done by a professional, the risks are significantly minimised

Tree roots play a crucial role in stabilising soil around a property’s foundation. When a tree is removed, especially if it’s an old tree with an extensive root system, the absence of those roots can lead to changes in the soil’s moisture content and distribution. As a result, the soil may shrink, expand, or shift, which can apply pressure on the foundation and potentially cause damage over time.

How Do Trees Impact Foundations?

Trees have both positive and negative effects on your foundation. Some positive impacts include:

  • Soil stabilisation: Tree roots can help hold soil in place, preventing erosion and soil movement that could potentially affect your foundation.
  • Moisture regulation: Trees absorb moisture from the soil, which can help prevent soil expansion and contraction that might otherwise lead to foundation movement.

However, the negatives often surpass the benefits of trees’ influence on your foundation. Negative impacts of trees on your foundation include:

  • Soil swelling and shrinkage: Tree roots can absorb moisture from the soil, leading to shrinkage during dry periods. Conversely, during wet periods, tree roots can prevent moisture from evaporating, causing soil expansion. 
  • Soil compaction: As tree roots grow and spread, they can compact the soil around the foundation, which may result in uneven settlement and structural issues.
  • Root intrusion: Tree roots can penetrate foundations, especially if there are existing cracks or gaps. This intrusion can exacerbate existing foundation issues and compromise the structural integrity.

Signs of Foundation Problems

Worried that you may be experiencing foundation issues after removing a tree yourself? Watch for these signs. 

  • Increased Visibility of Existing Cracks: After tree removal, existing cracks in walls or the foundation may become more visible or widen due to the absence of the tree’s roots stabilising the soil.
  • Sudden Appearance of Cracks: New cracks appearing in walls or the foundation shortly after tree removal could indicate that the tree’s roots were providing stability to the soil, and their removal has caused movement in the foundation.
  • Doors and Windows Sticking Post-Removal: Difficulty in opening or closing doors and windows, particularly after tree removal, could signal changes in the soil’s stability around the foundation.
  • Uneven Floors Exacerbated: If you notice an increase in the unevenness of floors after tree removal, it may suggest that the tree’s roots were helping to prevent soil movement beneath the foundation.
  • Soil Moisture Changes: Removal of a tree can alter the moisture content of the soil around the foundation, potentially leading to soil shrinkage or expansion, which can affect foundation stability.
  • Foundation Cracks Amplified: Cracks in the foundation may become more pronounced or develop new cracks following tree removal, indicating shifts in the soil and foundation movement.
  • Gaps Around Windows and Doors Widening: Spaces or separations between window or door frames and the walls may increase in size after tree removal due to changes in soil moisture and stability.
  • Visible Damage to Nearby Structures: Other nearby structures, such as patios or walkways, may show signs of damage or settling following tree removal, indicating soil disturbance and potential foundation issues.
  • Pooling Water Issues: Removal of a tree can alter drainage patterns on your property, leading to pooling water around the foundation, which can exacerbate foundation problems or contribute to new issues.

This reiterates the importance of trusting and investing in an experienced tree surgeon to remove your trees, for further information contact us today.

How To Remove A Tree

At Broadleaf Tree Surgery, we prioritise efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Our team of qualified tree surgeons uses professional equipment for every task. Below, you’ll find our tree stump removal process outlined.

Planning and Assessment

A meticulous assessment of the tree is vital before removing the tree, we want to identify any signs of disease, pest infestation, or structural weaknesses. This will determine the safest removal method for our team and ensure protection of the surrounding areas. 

Tree Removal Execution

Our team will then safely and promptly remove the tree from the area using high-quality tools and proper equipment to ensure no damage occurs and to prevent any potential injuries. 

Stump Removal and Clean Up

The technique we use to remove trees means there is minimal damage and mess to the surrounding areas, and we leave the area exactly how we found it, meaning all waste is removed and recycled nearby, and the area is tidied before we leave the site. 

If you require the wood from your job to be left for you to use as firewood, we are more than happy to cut the tree into logs and stack it for you.

At Broadleaf Tree Surgery Ltd, our experienced tree surgeons use top-grade equipment for an efficient service. Contact Broadleaf Tree Surgery For Tree Removal Services today.

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How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree?

The cost of our services is determined by factors such as the type, size, density, and whereabouts of your tree. To guarantee fair pricing and avoid any unnecessary expenses, we require a site assessment before providing a quote.


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