What Is a Tree Surgeon?

Crown Reduction in Progress

What do tree surgeons do?

Tree surgeons look after trees and hedges in the urban environment. Trees need to be managed for many different reasons. Often trees outgrow there surroundings and become to large for there location. Sometimes they might even become unsafe! Trees have evolved over thousands of years, and have managed to thrive in even the most inhospitable of environments and on every continent in the world. As a company we try to bridge the gap between the modern world and the natural one. We strongly believe that a proactive approach to tree care, rather than a reactive one. Is the best solution to nearly all situations we encounter. From choosing the right species of tree or shrub for the size of your garden. Or noticing defects within the trees canopy before failure. (Link for tree work services page) Broadleaf Tree Surgery can help. Call us today on 0800 9995 323

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