Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary? Everything You Need To Know About Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Service

Tree stumps can be a nuisance on your property if they aren’t properly dealt with once the tree is felled. There are a few techniques you can employ if you are wanting to deal with a tree stump on your property – depending on the tree, your timeframe and your budget. Here at Broadleaf Tree Surgery, we have years of experience with tree stump removal and tree stump grinding, so we thought we’d provide clarity on the procedures involved. 

So, what is tree stump grinding and is it necessary? Full Stump Removal is not necessary for dead tree stumps or tree stumps that don’t pose a physical risk to you or your property or cause a nuisance. If the stump does pose a threat or is considered a nuisance, you may want to consider Stump Grinding, a process where the trunk is ground down to the roots, which kills the roots in turn. 

Continue to find out your options with stump grinding and tree root removal from your local tree surgeons at Broadleaf Tree Surgery.

Is Stump Grinding Necessary?

If possible, we would always recommend removing a tree stump. There are various reasons why you would consider stump grinding


After a tree is cut down the remaining stump will begin to decay. Not only is this not the most aesthetic of options in the long term, but the decaying wood can also attract insect pests and fungi that could spread to the rest of your garden.

Additional Growth

A tree with a healthy root system may produce new shoots even after it has been cut down. What’s more, the root system could also continue to grow, causing problems for nearby foundations, pipes and other underground infrastructure. 


Depending on the height at which it has been cut, a tree stump may make a considerable tripping hazard in your garden.

Garden Maintenance

A tree stump is likely to get in the way of your garden maintenance, essentially rendering a patch of your lawn or garden unusable. Grindin your tree stump down will free up space, remove obstacles when mowing and tending your garden, and improve its overall appearance. 

Get Tree Stumps Professionally Removed

Using professional, high-spec arborist equipment Broadleaf Tree Surgery can quickly and easily remove tree stumps from anywhere. 

Do Tree Roots Continue To Grow After The Tree Is Cut Down?

Depending on the tree’s state, its roots may continue to grow once the tree has been felled. If you are planning on building on or near a tree which has been recently felled then it might be imperative that you have the tree assessed to see if it is still living. If the stump has been there for a while, say, 2-3 years, and you have not seen any sign of growth, then you can assume the tree is dead and its roots are no longer going to grow. 

Test If A Tree Is Living

A method known as a Scratch Test to the bark of the stump is a  great way to test if a tree stump is still living, and therefore not imposing a threat underground. This method is as simple as making an incision to the side of the tree and seeing if the cut heals naturally. If it does heal naturally then the tree is living, and its roots will continue to grow.

If A Tree Is Dead

Visible signs of decay are indicative of a dead tree. Of course, if the tree has been reduced to a stump, then it misses out on any advantages a healthy trunk and canopy bring with it. However, trees are hardy and have prepared for hundreds of millions of years for canopy loss. 

Stump Grinding Service

What Happens To Roots After Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding, when done properly, does kill tree roots. Once the stump has been ground down, it will no longer be able to sustain its roots. It is preferable to leave roots in the ground to not disturb the ground too much, and they don’t pose a threat dormant underground. They normally are left in the ground by your tree surgeon unless you specify that you would prefer for them to be removed.

When should tree roots be removed?

In some circumstances, stump removal may be recommended, where wood and roots are removed from above and below ground level. Instances in which root removal may be recommended include:


If the roots continue to grow underground, ‘Suckering’ can occur. ‘Suckering’ is the process of new sprouts forming from dormant roots underground and is one of two main reasons for wanting them to be removed. Issues with Suckering are normally seen in flower beds or lawns and can become an issue if the root system isn’t adequately dealt with at the source. 

Fungal Growth

Fungal growths such as ‘Honey Fungus’ are common in this part of Europe. There are no notable chemicals used for Honey Fungus that we can recommend that won’t also destroy your lawn or flowerbeds. If your tree shows signs of Honey Fungus then excavation is the only remedy. The Royal Horticultural Society indicates species susceptible to Honey Fungus, or Contact Our Expert Team to have an assessment made of your land and its condition. 

Stump Grinding With Broadleaf Tree Surgery

We have lots of experience with stump grinding and full tree removals here at Broadleaf. If you think a job is too big, time consuming, or you want it completed to the highest quality then don’t hesitate to get in touch today. 

For more information on Stump Grinding or Full Tree Removal then check out our dedicated pages or follow our Blog for more information, uploaded regularly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer competitive price plans based on several factors, such as:

the size of the team needed;
the cost of running equipment;
the risks on site.

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You can remove a tree by hand. You will need the following to help you perform this task:

a spade, shovel and mattock;
a way to dispose of waste such as a wheelbarrow and skip;
PPE, namely eye protection and good steel-toed boots;
a full weekend.

Digging up trees is a job best left to trained arborists. It is laborious work, often shared between a few good workers. Get in touch with Broadleaf Tree Surgery to see if we can offer alternatives to Full Tree Removal.
Roots will remain in the ground for 5 & 7 years. It is perfectly fine to leave dead roots in the ground if they don’t present a problem with fungal growth. Removing them can lead to ‘Ground Heave’ or take away from the water table and delicate ecosystem in your garden.

A stump will remain for 10+ and may present risks further down the line if the tree is still living. Contact Us to see how Stump Grinding or Full Tree Removal can benefit your outdoor areas or proposed building plans.

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