Birch Tree

Tree Pollen

Its starting to become that time of year again where eyes get itchy and noses begin to run. Here at Broadleaf working with all different kinds of trees and hedges we no exactly what its like to be constantly wiping your nose and itching your eyes which is why we produced some information for you on Tree Pollen. For most people throughout the UK grass pollen is the key trigger of their hay fever, but if you seem to get hay fever symptoms earlier on in the year it could be that you are one of the fair amounts of people who are allergic to t...
Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

Here at Broadleaf Tree Surgery we take pride in our Hedge Trimming across the Medway area including places like Rochester, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells. We know that Hedge Trimming is a responsibility that should be taken care of by a professional who has years of knowledge and experience in trees and shrubs. Hedge trimming is something which involves a lot of heavy and dangerous machinery/equipment which must be taken care of by a professional. Many people throughout Kent and the country would say that Hedge Trimming is kind of like an...
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