Tree Surgeons in Sittingbourne

Broadleaf are able to carry out a variety of different tasks in Sittingbourne including tree surgery, crown lifting, crown thinning, deadwood removal, full crown reductions, hedge trimming, non evasive bracing, stump grinding, tree planting, tree removal and woodland management. Contact us for a quick free quote.

Tree Surgery Services in Sittingbourne

Full Crown Reductions

Sittingbourne Tree SurgeonReducing the overall volume and size of a tree’s crown, while maintaining the natural shape of the tree– It may be that you would like to keep your tree but you want more light in your garden, or you feel uncomfortable with the tree’s size given its proximity to your property. Typically we use a technique called drop crotching. This is where the arborist in the tree prunes to the most suitable growth removing the weaker leaders to produce both a natural and balanced crown. Don’t be fooled in to heavy reductions by other tree companies. This is a bad form of tree management, and doesn’t benefit the tree or you! Typically heavy pruning will produce heavy re-growth costing you as a Sittingbourne homeowner more in the long term and stressing the tree, making it more susceptible to disease and or die back.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning leaves the overall size of the tree as it is, focusing more on selected branches within the crown. These branches are often those that are either dead, crossing another branch or growing in to the canopy with no future. Crown thinning reduces the risk of failure in heavy winds and also creates an evenly balanced crown.

Crown Lifting

To remove the lowest branches of the trees canopy creating a formal look. Often carried out on roadside trees, lifting is an effective and affordable way of increasing the light in to your garden or opening up a view once again. Lifting is more often than not done as an alternative to a full crown reduction. When light is an issue but height isn’t.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming in SittingbourneHedge trimming and shaping is a great way to improve the look of your garden. Broadleaf Tree Surgery have years of experience in all kinds of hedge trimming and shaping and a keen eye for detail. We take pride in each and every one of the hedges we maintain year in, year out. Hedges often provide a formal look to a garden,or give you an element of privacy. Another common hedging purpose is for noise reduction. Regardless if it’s a large leylandii tree hedge that needs trimming or a small beech hedge we will produce the best finish each and every time. We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect hedges such as conifer aphids. Conifer Aphids cause unsightly brown dead patches and can kill whole hedges if left untreated.

Sittingbourne Tree Removal

Unfortunately tree removal is necessary and here at Broadleaf Tree Surgery we understand that. No matter if your tree is overhanging a property, phone lines, a road or what ever may be near by, the experience we have gained over the years means that we can offer a very efficient and safe service.

Deadwood Removal

Trees naturally produce deadwood as branches die over time. Indeed in an area of untravelled woodland this provides excellent wildlife habitat. Unfortunately for trees in the urban environment this is a problem if your tree is in a heavily used public area, or overhanging a road this can be a hazard.

Tree Planting

Sittingbourne Tree Planting

Tree planting is highly recommended if you decide that you would like to remove one of your trees. Broadleaf tree surgery can provide you with the correct information and recommendations for a suitable tree. Choosing the correct tree for the location is key, and can save money in the long term. We can collect and plant your tree and provide a management program for you to follow to ensure that you get a healthy tree and we get happy customer.

Non Evasive Bracing

We know that your trees are important and we will always try to find ways of retaining your trees bracing is a great way to improve the safety of your tree. We can offer a range of bracing solutions to suit the situation.

Stump Grinding in Sittingbourne

Broadleaf tree surgery offer a stump grinding service in Sittingbourne too. Often a tree is removed in order to make way for a building or for a patio. In order to make this process easier we can grind out any size stump, even in the most hard to reach areas of your garden.

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